17 April 2009

Zap! Pow! Bam!

A friend told me about this new graphic novel, "Secret Identities," that combines Asian Americans and superheroes. This is obviously right up my alley so I rushed out to buy it. The editors of the book put together an All Star roster of Asian American writers and artists to explore "the hopes, dreams, fears, and realities of being Asian American." The book is worthy of support from every corner and I'm about halfway through and love it already. While on their current college tour, the editors have noticed that some major book stores haven't stocked the book. One reason given them is that "stores are confused whether the book fits under Asian American Studies or Graphic Novels. That's a terrible reason not to carry this fantastic work and I say file it under both if necessary. I found my copy turned outward on the shelves under Graphic Novels at Books Inc. in the Marina. If your local bookstore doesn't carry it, request that they do or just order a copy online!

I have secret ambitions to be a comic book creator (not that I can draw or write or um, do anything comic related) and one day I hope to be in Secret Identities: Volume XI or something. In related superhero news, here's a Wolverine parody version of Jewel's "Hands" that I've had on MP3 for years; the lyrics amuse me to no end.

"My mutant chromosomes
And the strong metal in my bones
Help me fight Sentinel robot drones
And I heal very quickly"