25 April 2009

Turn down the treble, pump up the bass

So my good friend Brian has a short write up about him on Disgrasian. It's under the Babewatch category. Allow me to go on record and say that Brian's mix of good looks, intelligence, and "his deep, velvety voice," have always made the ladies swoon. I mean, it was fun standing in his shadow -- often literally, since he's like a muscle bound rock that shades me -- as girls flirted with him and he obliviously ignored them and told (off-color) joke after joke to entertain us. I'd be like "Um, that girl really wants to talk to you," and he'd go "Nono..."

Well Brian's been a stand-up comedian for awhile now and it's part of his job to be stared at. I last saw him perform in 2007 and am always ready to watch him take the stage. Come and join the fan club. Brian's deep deep voice has to be heard to be believed. Seriously, if you remember Theo from The Beat 92.3 like a decade ago, Brian would give that voice a run for its money.

Brian also writes for 8asians.com and here's an interview with him about doing stand-up.

Update: Apparently he's the 8asians.com heartthrob too.