10 November 2009

For the Longest Time

Listening to: Mayer Hawthorne, "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out." MH went to my friend's high school in Ann Arbor and he's been adamant about pushing his music on me. Listen to the song and if you don't already know what Mayer Hawthorne looks like, you'd be shocked to see that's he's a goofy looking white dude. Nice old soul sound though.

I can't even remember when I figured out there was no Santa Clause. I doubt we were told because my parents seem like the types that would have just kept the myth going. I wonder if George or I found out first. And if we kept the revelation from the other one -- and if we did it to feel superior or kind. One of us would have said, "Oh Santa brought me a bike!" Meanwhile the other one is rolling his/her eyes and thinking, "I can't believe how stupid he/she is. How are we twins?"

Then again, would my parents have gone through the whole trouble of pretending there was Santa if the truth was already revealed to one of us? As a parent I think it would be easier to just dispense with the milk and cookies once one child had it figured out. And at what age would you start to be really worried if your kid still fervently believed in Santa? I say seven. That's the cut off for me before I start to question their reasoning skills.

And as a friend pointed out, maybe skew that younger if they were exposed to hourly employees dressed up as Santa and still couldn't put it together -- especially if they were ethnic Santas.

Things you lose faith in as you get older (meaning from your 20s to your 30s): Careers, soul mates, the government. Feel free to add on to the list.