24 November 2009

Shut It

Listening to: Girls, "Hellhole Ratrace." Apparently frontman Christopher Owens has quite the origin story. My friend Victor who recommended the band likes this track.

I was at a Container Store the other day and wondered what these little plastic boxes were for. Storage obviously, and the bigger sized ones seem useful, but they have these tiny thumb sized ones that I can't begin to imagine what people buy them for. All adult uses seem creepy to me. Kids using these tiny boxes, I totally get. You can put in the first tooth you lost, a treasured pebble, a lucky bead, a bit of pixie dust, something. But what is an adult doing with them? Anything you'd want to store -- earrings, screws, one pill -- seems nefarious or inefficient since you could just get an organizer with many compartments. Nobody's getting organized by using a dozen of these tiny things, even if they do come in a nice assortment of colors. If I pulled open someone's drawer and saw a stack of mini boxes, I'd immediately turn tail and run. I recommend you do the same.

While wandering around looking for a spice rack, I tweet asked some friends the following: "Who would you rather date? A guy who knows his way around Home Depot or the Container Store?" The answers were mixed but according to my very scientific poll, the Container Store won by a narrow margin. One telling answer was: "I'd date Home Depot for actual usefulness, but I know I'd like Container Store guy better." Two guy friends tried to submit write-in answers: Target and Fry's Electronics. In related news, they're both single.