23 October 2011

Music Makes Me High

It's been a year since my last mixtape, mass apologies. Last time my songs were to celebrate summer but this time I'd like to gear us up for the long winter ahead. While I tried to keep the number of songs manageable -- I already cut down from 80-plus -- there were just way too many good ones to trim any further. For the first time ever, I don't think I used the same artist twice. I know, you're so impressed.

If you follow along to my "Listening to" tag or with Ameer's music blog, The End Starts Today, a few of these selections should be familiar to you. With T.E.S.T gaining momentum, I may have to transfer all my future music selections over there so come on along.

40oz to Freedom
Track list - Zip file
40 songs, 2 hr 20 mins, 248.8 MB
Most of these tracks have lyrics attached, courtesy of Get Lyrical. When you play songs in iTunes, the program searches for lyrics to insert into the track notes. How amazing is that? Singing along will never be easier!