06 February 2012

Five Cents

A sorta weekly feature of things I co-sign:

(1) YA Book Club. I heart the logo for this book club. Okay that's not the reason I'm joining. Okay maybe it is. This month they're reading The Fault In Our Stars.

(2) Bad review bingo. Definitely my new favorite game. Now I just need to gather a living room full of defensive authors together to play. Can I count on you plus one?

(3) John Scalzi answers when you can call yourself a "writer" or a "good writer." My personal answer for both is: "Tomorrow? Please?"

(4) Possible Problems and Obstacles for Superheroes to Face Besides Supervillains. They left out "bad movie adaptations" but that's alright, I still love Superhero Nation because it offers advice on how to write, edit, and sell novels and comic books.

(5) 2012 YA Releases About POC. In case you didn't know, "POC" is "people of color." Please say you knew that.