05 March 2012

Five Spot

A sorta weekly feature of things I co-sign:

(1) Why I Don't Want to Join Your Shitty Book Club. A strong stance to take. Personally I would love to join your book club, but nobody ever asks. Sigh.

(2) YA March Madness Tourney. There's a sci-fi/dystopia, paranormal, contemporary, and a fantasy bracket. It's a shame you can't place bets on these and make an office pool. Or can you?

(3) Amazon & The Importance of Popularity. Everything is like high school, everything.

(4) On the Rise of the Book Trailer. Just give me a synopsis and few sample pages. Unless Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone is in your trailer, then I'll re-watch it over and over again.

(5) Lisa Simpson Book Club. I was never really into The Simpsons but this is gold. This is a book club we can all get behind.