03 April 2007

Cast Off

Planning some summer getaways? Not sure when to purchase those tickets? Well, here's something that might help. Farecast uses a secret algorithm (or really smart people, whichever) that looks at trends in airplane tickets. Based upon the results of that research, the site will advise you when to purchase a ticket and where to purchase it from. I myself am headed to quite a few places in the upcoming few months so this could be useful information.

I'm not sure if this site is totally accurate but it sure makes me feel good to have super secret technology on my side. I'd feel much better committing to my impulsive travel plans once I'm assured by a computer that I'm getting a great deal. Wouldn't you? Always trust computers; never humans.

Now if only there was Datecast so you can figure out when to approach a chick you'd like to get to know. "Wait, Go, No, In Your Dreams, Run." I guess the first thing to do would be to stop referring to women as "chicks" right?