02 April 2007

The Fountainhead (1949)

I didn't realize the Fountainhead movie was adapted to the screen by Ayn Rand herself. She only did it on the condition that "not one word be changed." Typical, right?

The movie isn't half bad actually. Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal are about what you'd expect as the main characters, and due to the style of the movie, all the dialogue (essentially ripped straight from the book) sounds somewhat natural. I don't think this movie could be made today because they'd dress it up for no reason; it's too idea/dialogue heavy; and current acting methods would make the movie overly campy.

Apparently, nobody liked it when it was released (in 1949, six years after the book was published), but to be honest, as a huge fan of the book, I wasn't disappointed in the movie. Sure, Cooper's dramatic monologue had the most uneven delivery I've ever heard but I can look past that.

I'm curious what a non-Randian would think of the movie. Would any of the philosophies get passed on? Or would it just put people to sleep?

This also makes me even more curious about the upcoming movie version of Atlas Shrugged -- starring Angelina Jolie (and maybe Brad Pitt) of all people. Not who I envisioned as Dagny Taggart but that's the least of my worries about how Rand's seminal work will translate to the screen.
-Ripe Tomatoes-