15 March 2008

The Bank Job (2008)

Man, isn't Saffron Burrows the coolest name? Of course, I thought "Saffron Burrows" was a male before I saw this movie but I think I had the name confused with authors Jonathan Saffron Foer (Everything Is Illuminated) and Augusten Burroughs (Running With Scissors). More confusingly, we couldn't place her previous film work until we finally looked her up and realized she played Andromache -- Hector's wife -- in Troy. Her distinctive cheeks and facial features rang a bell but we couldn't place her for the life of us.

This is pretty much a run of the mill heist movie supposedly based on a true story. British accents make everything twice as watchable though, so in all, it's not a bad way to use two hours of your life.

Jason Statham is clearly the English version of Bruce Willis and he does his usual charismatic tough guy thing. Is it time to anoint him as a A-List movie star? I mean, at this point he's carried more hit movies than most A-Listers even if all of his roles are exactly the same.