02 March 2008

Vantage Point (2008)

When you movie hop, sometimes you just wander into anything that sounds remotely interesting. Vantage Point had a decent premise and promised to be entertaining right? Well, if you're watching for free, it's hard to complain right? As James quipped to me halfway through, this movie should have been called "29 Minutes."

While the differing viewpoints are Roshomon-like, it adds nothing to the exposition and in fact, there were so many "let's rewind to the beginning" sequences that the audience was audibly groaning and hooting by the fifth or sixth one. There was really no reason for multiple perspectives except to provide a catchy hook on which to hang a typical action thriller.

Well, based on that standard, the action is unbelievable and over the top, Forest Whitaker is hilariously overacting, plot twists are easily telegraphed, and the Americans win. What else do you need to know?