02 February 2010

Daybreakers (2009)

In a flood of vampire movies and culture, it's nice to find something that really captured my attention with an interesting concept. The year is the near future and most of humanity has turned into vampires. Well, vampires need human blood to stay in their prime so humans quickly become a hot commodity. We're rounded up and farmed like in the Matrix. Fun setup right? There's potential here for all sorts of allegories and twisted expectations, and I was excited to explore some of those themes.

Well, after the initial set up of the environment (and me wondering, "wait, why do vampires need to trudge along to work?"), the movie gets lost in tepid action adventureness, terrible acting, and thin characterization. Basically the writers of the film had two or three good ideas and then filled in the rest with generic-ness. Too bad because this could be such an interesting movie if done right. Ethan Hawke has been quoted as saying that this Daybreakers is "low art" and "completely unpretentious and silly." Way to promote buddy. Hawke makes a good vampire though...

Luckily my friend told me pre-movie that this was a gore fest. Thanks for the warning! I expected the random spurts of blood and just calmly continued munching on popcorn. Extra butter, extra salt. Delicious.