28 February 2010

Shatter Star

Listening to: The Morning Benders, "Excuses." While the song by itself is pretty great, watching this video of them performing with a bunch of their friends is the way to go. I dig the front man and something about the way he croons (yes, he definitely croons) is hypnotizing. It's his sleepy eyes, the way his mouth contorts, his rumpled haircut and outfit. Plus the way he clasps his hands as he sings. It's all so awkwardly beautiful. I want to befriend him immediately. We already got tickets for their upcoming show in SF. Couldn't be more excited.

Started by a few brave souls who have dared to find a lifestyle that isn't "the norm" and succeeded, Untemplater is a newish site with articles about expanding your skills, working on your relationships, self employment and finance tips, and fun stuff like "Don't Be A Facebook Loser."

Untemplater was looking for guest contributors recently and I hit them up with a sample article or two. I mean, I'm trying to find a lifestyle that would allow me to keep my weird hours -- sleep at sunrise, wake up late afternoon -- forever so I hope I qualified. Assuming I don't get the chance to turn to vampirism anytime soon, this will be a site for me to bookmark.

So my Untemplater article is about going back to school and it's right here: "Going going, back back...to school?" Hopefully I'll be invited back for another article or two because I got a lot to say about this cobbling together an out of the box lifestyle.

And if you haven't checked out my friend Sam's "The Gatekeepers" web series, you should get on it because it's already on episode three and each one has been gorgeous and amazing. I love the way everything is shot, the music Sam is using, and the settings they are placing themselves in. Plus Sam and Chad are just ridiculously stylish, so I look upon them with envy.

Actually I just pestered my friends into doing a "Who's the Most Stylish Guy" poll and Sam won by a landslide. Watch the episodes and you'll see the win was well deserved. I myself came a little closer to the bottom...but not in complete last!

Some of the pull quotes from things my so-called friends said about me. According to them I most likely shop at: Old Navy, Costco, Pac Sun, Gap, Uniqlo, and Anthropologie. For the record I don't own anything from Anthropologie. That would almost hurt my feelings if not for one of the next revelations. Their favorite items of mine include: tattoos, my grey Forever 21 hoodie, and sculpted veiny calves. Yes, I have a Forever 21 hoodie. I shopped there once okay? And the hoodie is pretty fantastic (it looks almost exactly like this Wings + Horns one but cost an eighth as much). My defining style items include: iPhone belt clip, cargo shorts, hand sanitizer, and smoking gloves. Their combined advice to me? "Retire the white tees." Oh friends, who needs'em?