08 February 2010

The Nontourage

I was just lamenting the other day that for all the years my friends and I have been living in San Diego, none of us know any doormen to get us into bars or clubs for free, or to just skip the line. Sure, you can get on a sign up sheet and stand in the VIP line (a total farce since this means everyone with an email address is "very important") but nothing feels better than just waltzing right in after saying "hi" to the doorman. How do I know this? Because in New York, my friend Sam Sneed does the door for all sorts of exclusive parties and events and in his generosity, he lets us feel cool and just slide on in.

Well Sam, as the multi-talented person that he is, has been stirring up his creative juices for awhile now and here's a preview of his newest project. It's the trailer for his online mini-series, "The Gatekeepers," about being a doorman in New York City. If you've ever wondered why you couldn't get into the most happening places, then this will probably reveal the answer. Of course, if we've been going out together, then most likely my aversion to wearing anything non-sneaker got us rejected. Or maybe my fashion backwardness. Or maybe... it could be so many things. I guess the point is to just not go out with me if you need to ensure access. Don't worry, I won't take it personally if you ditch me. We can still be friends.

Episodes of The Gatekeepers, a launch for their web site, and much more is coming soon. For updates, follow Sam on his Twitter.