20 April 2010

Kick-Ass (2010)

From the minds of Mark Millar, super famous comic book writer, and John Romita Jr., super famous comic book artist comes Kick-Ass. Oh right, as directed by Matthew Vaughn, whose previous work was, um, Stardust. I've been excited about this movie because well, it's got super heroes in it. I mean, just last week I spent an evening watching Hancock twice and then web researching it. I'm a sucker for anyone in tights and a cape.

Kick-Ass is sort of a logical take on the super hero world. There's been a trend for the past fifteen years of superheroes who aren't superheroes. So Kick-Ass is a dorky powerless teen, who dresses up anyway and sets out to do good. The movie is perfectly cast, the action sequences are quite thrilling, and Chloe Grace Moretz as Hit Girl is plain awesome. I saw her on Leno the other night and for a thirteen year old, she's incredibly composed. There's been some controversy over having such a young girl cussing, doing ultra-violent scenes, and getting beat up, but none of that stuff bothered me. Then again, it probably would if I were parent to a pre-teen or watching someone that young go through the work.

When I was first naming my Exclusively Chloe character, I web searched around for "Chloe Grace" and found out that there was a really young actress by that name. I was hoping she wouldn't get super huge because that would knock the crap out of my character's Google ranking but hey, Chloe Grace Moretz is super cool and a good actress so I guess it's okay. Plus I sent Ms. Moretz my book and maybe she read it, so maybe we can become great friends and I can have two Chloe Grace's in my life.

Also, if you like superheroes, check out RoganJosh's modern art prints. The individual descriptions are quite amusing too. I wish I could have every one.