21 April 2010

Things I Love to Hate #492

Listening to: Nikki & Rich, "Cat and Mouse." Yes, I'm finally ahead of the curve (thanks Reena)! How can you not love their retro pop sound? Previously, Rich produced tracks for Thicke, Mario, and Luda, while Nikki was a backup singer for Carrie Underwood. Their album is out this summer and I expect it to blow up. I also love the simplicity of their name. None of this Ben Folds Five but there are only three of them. Or "We're Miike Snow, and that's not a person." They're just Nikki and Rich. Clean, memorable, elegant.

Oh wait, after some web research, I'm not exactly early, I'm just about on time. They were the 90210 season premiere and just appeared on Ellen. Well, it's good to be timely as opposed to late right? Also, their newish single, "Next Best Thing" is also hotness. Their live shows are probably amazing. I need to go.

2010 has been the year of embracing my hate. I know, it sounds terrible, but at least I'm honest right? I want to open myself up to new things while also closing the door on things/activities I'm pretty certain I don't enjoy. "2010: Embrace the Hate!" Tell me if you want a t-shirt, button, or just someone to commiserate with when all your friends ditch you.

A few months ago I wrote a post about things I "don't do" anymore. I'm back with a few more. Okay, just one more. I'll hold my tongue on the rest. Remember when I said I was over hip hop concerts? Let's just extend that to pretty much all concerts. There was one summer years ago when I willed myself to attend as many concerts as possible. It was mostly hit or miss and I decided that I'd only watch concerts where I had seats. I was getting old and standing around was just rough. Of course, I've broken that promise quite a few times since then, all in an attempt to prove myself wrong. Sometimes the results have been good, like when I watched A Fine Frenzy, other times it's been terrible and I spend the night wondering "Why did I do this again?"

Here's the thing. I really like music. I think I really like live music. But I have space and crowd issues. When we went to the Morning Benders recently, we were two rows from the front and in perfect formation when these two girls squeeze by. Before I could do anything, they snuck between our phalanx and planted themselves in front of me. Fine, whatever, you're short. I'm passive, we'll just go with it. Then the music started and the inebriated duo started swaying and grooving all over the place. You're going to take up my space and then big dance? I don't like random people shaking their butts in non-rhythmic fashion in front of me, thank you. Please move.

Also, the opening acts at most concerts are usually not that great. So for an one hour set, you show up two hours earlier and listen to some crappy music, and then you get to see your band while being simultaneously crushed and danced upon. Ugh. I'm gonna give it one more try in a few weeks with Two Door Cinema but I fear my concert days may be over. I think I just like music in the confines of my own house, speakers, car. I know, so lame.

Also, R.I.P. Guru. I've already talked about my great love for Gang Starr. Keith Elam passed away early this morning. I had no idea he had any issues with Premier, which may or may not be true? Definitely read Slate's article on Guru's rhymes. For the record, why are all the reports saying it's MC Solar? I'm pretty certain it's Solaar with two "A's." It's not a misspelling people. He's just French.

Update [4.28.2010]: Okay, I'm wrong. MC Solaar is not the same Solar that is entangled in all this Guru mess. I probably should apologize to the French MC Solaar for soiling his name. But everyone has been confused too. Anyway, the whole Solar-Guru situation is crazy sad and there's a movement to F*ck Solar for his shady role in Guru's life. I'm with it.