30 June 2010

Knight and Day (2010)

There's a lot of anti-Tom Cruise sentiment out there. I don't get it. Sure he's a bit of a wacko off-screen but on-screen he's awesome. Think of how many great movies he's been in and how appealing he is as an action hero. Knight and Day may be seen as his "return" but has Cruise really left? The over promoting of this movie probably sickened people but I for one was excited to see Knight and Day. Did it disappoint? Not really. I expected a senseless action movie and that's exactly what I got. While I'm not generally a Cameron Diaz fan, the combination of her and Cruise is a good one and really, who can resist either of their smiles?

Knight and Day was a blast from the past, probably the 80's, where action is the priority and big plot holes are a by product. What's even more fitting is the horrible CGI, which made every scene it was used in seem decades old. Maybe that was the point. This could be seen as a send up of action movies in general -- and Cruise's career in specific -- and it mostly works. Of course, it's tanking at the box office so the "Cruise is dead" stories will be all over the place now. While I can't recomment Knight and Day except as a movie hop or a cable experience, I want to step up and defend Tom Cruise's appeal. I like him okay!?