15 June 2010

Refreshing Spritzer

Listening to: Late Night Alumni, "What's in a Name."

For the past week I've been playing this iPhone trivia game called QRANK because you know I love me some trivia. Once a day you get twenty questions and you answer fifteen of them as quick as possible. What's cool is that many of the questions are very of the moment, as in literally yesterday's news. QRANK describes itself as a social quiz addiction and I can confirm that it is addicting. My new life goal is to become number one in the nation for just a single day. I'll have to start by conquering the local and then state rankings though. So far I've been able to reach number three in my area but that hasn't been enough to take me to where I want to go. It takes about 8000+ points to hit the top of the charts on a weekday (much less on a weekend) and I hope cannons or fireworks go off when I become number one.

I've given up being number one in the world of chess. In fact, my chess game has slipped so far that I can't even beat my friends anymore. I read once that the strange thing about chess is that even as a child, you kind of know your limits. Young basketball players dream of the NBA and can keep that hope alive for awhile but in chess it's pretty much prodigies or bust. I guess I can finally admit defeat. Still, I like reading Gambit, the New York Times chess blog.

And if you're still playing We Rule (reviewed here by me), you're a sucker because past level twenty or so, it's just a waste of time. The game has so much potential but it's just not happening fast enough for me. I'm out until they can really expand it with some social capabilities. My final kingdom will live on like this.

While I'm at it, our MTV Challenge fantasy league just concluded and my friend HT is the repeat champion. Do you understand how difficult this is? It would be like the Celtics wiping the floor with the Lakers ten out of twelve times in the Finals. Oh wait, that wasn't actually that hard. So really, what HT did is actually uber-historic.