10 August 2010

Aw Hell No

If you haven't seen any Fuck Yeah Tumblrs flying around, you seriously haven't been doing enough Internet surfing. Basically the meme is creating a Tumblr that focuses on just one subject and then adding "Fuck Yeah" as a prefix to the web address. For example: Fuck Yeah Tattoos, Fuck Yeah Freckles, Fuck Yeah Indie Girls, Fuck Yeah Sharks, Fuck Yeah Hanson Brothers, Fuck Yeah Fishnets and Robots, Fuck Yeah Modernism, Fuck Yeah Fuck Yeah, you get the idea. The meme has been around for awhile but despite it clearly having jumped the shark, new Fuck Yeah's are being made hourly.

In trying to research the origins of this meme, the best I could come up with was a MetaFilter post from June and a Slate article from 2009 that delves into the Fuck Yeah thing for a paragraph.

"There is a subgenre of single-themed tumblelogs that aim for hagiography -- they want to celebrate rather than tear down the subject at hand. These often go by the prefix "Fuck Yeah"—as in, among others, Fuck Yeah Rachel Maddow, Fuck Yeah Leonard Nimoy, Fuck Yeah Conan O'Brien, Fuck Yeah Skinny Bitch, Fuck Yeah Puppies, and Fuck Yeah Cilantro. But none of these -- which are just collections of pictures of the titular subject -- are much fun, and in general the best tumblelogs are also the meanest. That's why, among the Fuck Yeah blogs, Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling and Fuck Yeah Anne Hathaway, which superimpose bizarre captions on pictures of their stars, are the most irresistible."
-The allure of crowd-sourced, single-topic blogs-
I fear that the true start of the meme was from Team America's "America, Fuck Yeah!" phrasing but I don't want to find out if that's actually true because Team America was the worst movie ever. And I've never even seen it. I just know it's bad.

Anyway, a Fuck Yeah Tumblr can be created to lionize or mock your target. As I'm more into lionizing than mocking (publicly anyway), I've jumped onto the Fuck Yeah meme. Introducing Fuck Yeah Jubilee and Fuck Yeah Colossus!

Why those two? Because in the great pantheon of Marvel mutants, Jubes and the real Man of Steel were without proper Fuck Yeah representation. A not so dirty secret of mine is that I enjoy looking at X-Men related images. I even save a lot of the cooler photos in a special folder on my desktop. That kind of image digging naturally led me to Fuck Yeah Marvel, Fuck Yeah X-Men, Fuck Yeah Mutants, etc. There's actually an entire list of Marvel-related Fuck Yeahs available on Fuck Yeah Marvel's site.

Yes there are people out there who dedicate their time to digging up photos of fictional heroes and then re-Tumblring them for the world to see. I can't tell you how proud I am to have joined their ranks. Initially I wanted to do a Fuck Yeah Nightcrawler but that was already taken. Then I moved on to the first Asian American X-Person, Jubilation Lee. She's the bubble gum blowing, yellow coat wearing, sarcastic and spunky sidekick to Wolverine.

Jubilee made her first appearance in 1989 but has been shifted on and off various titles as she's never quite overcome cult favorite status to become a series regular. But one thing Fuck Yeah Jubilee will do is celebrate Jubilation's role in the X-canon. Toward that end I'll be posting photos, quotes, links, videos, articles, and anything else Jubilee related.

(Actually, there was already a Fuck Yeah Jubilee Tumblr -- thus I had to settle for jubilationlee.tumblr.com -- but that owner hasn't updated since January so I made the executive decision to take over.)

After setting up FYJubilee, I quickly set about recruiting some friends to make more X-Men Fuck Yeahs. Surprisingly, nobody bit. I have a friend who is like the only Excaliber fan I've ever met -- obviously he's not from this country -- and I tried to rope him into doing Fuck Yeah Excaliber. No dice. I shared my enthusiasm with a few other comic book friends. They said they were too busy or some variation of "yeah right, I have a life, dork."

Finally, I took it upon myself to start another Fuck Yeah, this time for Colossus. See, photos of Colossus just look awesome and if anyone needed an online scrapbook of images, it was Piotr Rasputin. After a bit of convincing, I browbeat my friend Jimmy into running the Colossus site while I ran the Jubilee one. So please visit them okay? You don't know how long I've spent scouring the web for great Jubilee and Colossus pictures. It's been worth every minute too.

If this has inspired you to start a Fuck Yeah something, here's a quick way to check if your Fuck Yeah idea has already been taken: Is it a Fuck Yeah? Alternately you could just Google your term and that would probably be more efficient but it's fun that someone made a site just for checking Fuck Yeahs.

Apologies for all the swearing, it was unavoidable.