11 August 2010

More Than a Feeling

Since I've been home lately, my mom has tasked me with cleaning out our garage. This isn't an one time chore but something that she always reminds me to do -- and I never quite get around to it. Well if I was genius like Raina Lee, I would have shifted through its contents and written an amazing blog about the experience of going through a lifetime's worth of stuff. Asian parents are serious packrats and you never know what can be found in their treasure hoards.

While I'm saddened to hear that Raina inherited The Infinite Garage because her mother passed away recently, it's kind of an amazing project she's doing and probably quite an emotional journey too. As she puts it, "The Infinite Garage is an attempt at examining life through objects however mundane, useless or beautiful. It's a history of my family through things. But mainly it's a personal purging project because I can't move out of this house and on with my life until I get rid of the stuff."

Infinite Garage was started March-ish and Raina's already got 100+ posts on there, as well as an Etsy shop to move a lot of the stuff she's found. Here's a special item: the instruction manual for Super Mario Brothers 2. Or check out this Han Solo fax machine. Yeah, you better just get over to the site and find your own favorites.

Raina, who is actually repped by my same agency, wrote an awesome book on karaoke called Hit Me with Your Best Shot: The Ultimate Guide To Karaoke Domination. As an avid karaoker myself, this book is kind of amazing and you need to pick up a copy. I don't know how I've never had the great fortune to meet Raina since she is obviously one of the coolest people ever. Lilly, we need to plan a karaoke night out with Raina, quick!