20 October 2010


Listening to: Jukebox the Ghost, "Empire." This is the second Jukebox song I'm really into so I'm starting to think it's about time to snag the whole album.

If only my entire life were a fantasy game, things would be a lot more exciting. Defined goals, defined rules, defined ways to win or lose, defined seasons and "better luck next years." I really wish Friendonomics.net took off, but it didn't since there was no real incentive to buy or sell stocks of your friends, it kind of lost its luster. Maybe the Friendonomics.net people will revive it for Facebook since that seems like an obvious tie-in. Actually I'd like to take charge of this conversion as I'd be so good at creating a scoring system. We'd start with negative points for all these photo practices.

Anyhow, since I can't yet make my life a fantasy game, I do participate in a variety of fantasy sports, all of which are revving up right now. First, we're in our third season of MTV RW/RR Challenge fantasy and it's shaping up to be the best yet -- thank goodness no more Wes and Kenny. The new Cutthroat format features three teams that are battling it out for cash and bragging rights. My favorite cast members are back and there's a fresh batch of new faces to heighten the intrigue. Bill Simmons recently did a podcast with Challenge host TJ Lavin and a draft episode, they're both must listens. I actually think this is quickly becoming my favorite fantasy league, above football or basketball. It's blasphemy, I know.

I've already told you that my (non-existent) wedding will be a giant game of MTV Challenge right? Screw blowing money on a ceremony and reception, I want a whole week in an exotic location where we draft teams and compete. Warning to friends of mine: I already keep a running list of who will be on the Good Guys versus Bad Asses teams. If you want to change your team, you better start doing the appropriate actions now.

My long running keeper fantasy football league, Catch the Damn Ball, is celebrating our tenth anniversary. Currently my team totally sucks despite a stellar roster but celebrating a whole decade playing with the same guys is no small feat. And then there's keeper fantasy basketball, Slam Nation, entering our fifth season but only year two of a giant reset. We're at sixteen teams broken up into two conferences and the four division names are old cartoons so you know it's awesome. It's the yearly redraft right now and the race is on to see who snags Jeremy Lin.

I'm also in a non-keeper football league, LXD. I scheduled that draft for my birthday this year so pretty much I had the best birthday ever.

Friends: "What're you doing for your birthday? Want to do anything?"
Me: "Fantasy football draft at 7pm."
Friends: "Okaaaay, see you later."
Much of my blogging energy goes toward these fantasy pursuits during the various seasons, writing passionately for an audience of a handful. It's a hard job but somebody has to do it. Especially this year, where I'm hoping to leverage my prodigious fantasy blogging to get into my friends' super serious keeper league. I need to stun them with my productivity and effort, just like a prospective expansion city. "I'll have seat licenses and luxury boxes, take me, please take me!" So yes, it's a wonder I even go outside during the winter.

Oh wait, I don't.