18 October 2010

Easy A (2010)

Emma Stone is a winning actress. I don't think I've seen her in her other work but in this she's amazing. What I like about Emma especially is her deep voice, which reminds me of my first impression of Ghost World-era Scarlett Johansson. Then again, Tara Reid has a raspy voice too and look at how that worked out. From Stone's Wikipedia: "She gave a PowerPoint presentation to her parents, set to the Madonna song 'Hollywood', to convince them to let her move to California for an acting career."

Easy A is easily the best teen flick of the year. It's got a great premise, smart lines, a few hilarious scenes, and an appealing cast. The best part of the movie was probably the adults actually, which is becoming an increasing trend in these films. Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, and Thomas Haden Church are given the best lines and they play off the stereotype of the typical uptight adults to great effect.

What didn't work for me was the homage to 1980s John Hughes / Cameron Crowe type movies. Specifically the Say Anything reference bothered me a lot. It felt cheap and too easy and I wanted Easy A to create its own indelible moment. But in a world of retreads and remixes, that's a minor gripe.