13 June 2011

A New Refutation of Time And Space

Listening to: Consequence, "Disperse." If you knew this guy was Q-Tip's cousin, you were one up on me. In about a month, Michael Rapaport's Tribe Called Quest documentary comes out, so let's get excited by listening to this amazing track I didn't even know about until four days ago. "Please disperse, please disperse!"

As I've noted on here before, I'm a big time pusher. Anyone around me is subjected to lots of "you have to download/try/read/use/steal this, it's the best!" On this blog I'm always using my listening to and currently pushing tags to throw out music or articles or sites I'm into at the moment.

Now take all that energy and imagine what happens when I turn it toward proselytizing blogging. I'd say eighty percent of the time my efforts fall on deaf ears, even as I'm physically making people create logins and avatars and first posts, but sometimes I give someone the gift of blogging and they take to it immediately and for a sustained amount of time. Usually they keep doing it for a few months and then dribble off, never to post again, relegated into my dustbin of friend blog memories. Well, last March I gave my friend Reena the gift of blogging (and Google Reader) and she's since outpaced me in just about every measurable metric.

In just over a year she's started writing for other sites and magazines, is on the verge of starting a podcast, bought her own domain name, learned to code and design her template, and the other day even solved one of my HTML problems. Student surpasses teacher?! Is this what it feels like to feel parental? Blogosphere, I've unleashed reena.me and she's coming to take over.

Reena's interests and expertise are as varied as her hair is big and she's got observations, rants, and spins on a broad range of topics. Here's a sampling of her posts. Go RSS and follow her why don't you? Because she's like, my greatest blogging protege ever!