24 June 2011

Once Upon a Time

Look at this image, isn't it a beauty? It's the cover to the 2009 Debutantes eBook anthology that will be released later this year. Organizing this amazing project is Jessica Verday and she'll be editing along with Rhonda Stapleton. There are twenty five authors lined up to contribute stories -- including me! -- and the lineup looks like this:

Cyn Balog, Lauren Bjorkman, Leigh Brescia, Jennifer Brown, Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Janet Gurtler, Teri Hall, Cheryl Renee Herbsman, Stacey Jay, Heidi R. Kling, C. Lee McKenzie, Saundra Mitchell, Jenny Moss, Jackson Pearce, Shani Petroff, Carrie Ryan, Sydney Salter, Kurtis Scaletta, Jon Skovron, Kristina Springer, Rhonda Stapleton, Charity Tahmaseb, Jessica Verday, J.A. Yang, and Lara Zielin.

It's gonna be ridiculous! The tentative release date is October 2011 so reserve a spot on your digital bookshelf for this delicious cover and all the wonderful stories contained within.

Unrelated but also coming in October 2011 is the remake of Footloose. Yes, I know. "Why remake Footloose?" Those were my thoughts exactly. But after watching the trailer I think it could actually be good. Well, decent. Certainly something I'll be watching and reviewing for my dance movie series. The remake stars Kenny Wormald, who I'm sure you'll recall was the lead in that ultra-classic, Center Stage 2: Turn It Up.

I spent some time the other afternoon watching all the original Footloose dance clips over and over. This may be the best instructional dance scene in all of cinema. Okay, that may be overstating it but there's no doubt I'm gonna be blasting "Let's Hear It for the Boy" for the rest of the weekend. Also important, Kevin Bacon and Will Truman in a very special moment from Will & Grace. So October 2011, it's gonna be an exciting month.