14 August 2011

Glee 3D (2011)

When watching concert movies, it's best to be in a crowd that fully appreciates the music. At a real concert, you can bop your head, sing along, clear out some room for dancing, and not have anyone stare at you. Try doing that in a theater and get shushed right out.

My sister and some friends went to the Glee summer concert and kept gushing so I wanted that experience for myself, even if I had to do it alone in a movie theater. I was a little worried that Glee 3D would be too different from an actual concert but luckily it was great -- different, but great. If you're not a Glee fan though, I'd skip this one. You know who you are.

I mean, you're essentially watching high class karaoke here. But hey, I was just as thrilled to watch Heather Morris performing Britney as I was to actually watch Britney ten years ago. And the movie had just the right amount of the annoying characters -- a bit of Finn, none of Mr. Schuester -- and featured the strongest singers. The stars of the movie were Naya Rivera, Amber Riley, and Lea Michele, who all absolutely killed it. Morris and Harry Shum Jr. were constantly on-stage for their dancing talents too.

The Warblers were given an entire set of songs, which was one too many for me. And Artie's second solo should have gone to someone else, maybe Jenna Ushkowtiz? Dianna Agron was criminally underused, just like in the show. She's being absolutely wasted right now, please give Quinn something to do next season. Give her pink hair, something!

The movie featured a few uber Gleeks, who were a bit much for me but they lent a fan perspective to the film. Apparently Glee saves (social) lives, and while it all may have been a bit over the top, there's some truth to the idea that Glee has made things better for the outcasts and the nerds. I think I would have enjoyed the movie better if there were more backstage interviews -- especially if they were actually done out of character -- but that would have necessitated cutting out some performances.

Watching the high gloss production of the concert, I kept thinking about what other group of actors and actresses could pull this off. I mean, these kids are definitely the hardest working people in Hollywood right now. They film a weekly show in which they're singing, dancing, acting, and then immediately launch into a multi-city tour that must have taken tons of extra preparation. No doubt they're promoting all in-between too. I feel like they're gonna collapse soon, or at least demand a hefty pay raise. I really should have gotten photos with them when I had the chance.

It looks like the movie is flopping so that means next weekend, every Glee fan should be coming out in droves to reverse the trend. Otherwise they'll never make that behind the scenes documentary we're all looking forward to. Whoa, Rachel, Kurt, and Finn are going to be graduating?! Ugh, bad move guys, don't do it!