22 August 2011

Confessions Part III

What a moral dilemma. I had sworn off any Chris Brown related music because of what he did to Rihanna. I mean, did you see her face? But then I saw Super Galactic Beat Manipulatorz dance to this song and hoped beyond rationality that it was Ne-Yo or Usher. After a quick Shazam, it came up "Chris Brown." Oh no. How could I support this song when clearly it was from an artist I've taken a stand against?

Well, um, after some additional Internet digging, "Chase Our Love" was off of Brown's 2009 Graffiti album, which was made before the whole hitting thing, even if just barely. I know it's a really pathetic justification, to allow something on my iPod because it came before an arbitrary cut-off date -- from a person who probably wasn't much different before -- but isn't that the justification we used for Michael? Man this song is good, and the dance is absolutely killer.

This is why I can't get with America's Best Dance Crew anymore. Any of these teams are better than 90% of what shows up on ABDC nowadays. And all these performers are still in college, juggling schoolwork, practice, and well, probably avoiding classes. This year's Fusion winner was Choreo Cookies, which is just a fun name to say. Here's an added bonus: a Dougie contest.

And because I don't have anywhere else to post this, it's Barack and Michelle dancing on Ellen, from a few years ago. Awkward and endearing? Yes, definitely so. How has the Barack dance never caught on?