29 August 2011


Currently Pushing: Recently I was over at Ivy Reads as part of her birthday extravaganza, guest posting about my twenty first birthday. It was a moment and I have the embarassing pictures to prove it.

Look out, I'm campaigning! Rachael Harrie organizes a Writers' Platform-Building Campaign and since I just found out about it, I've decided to hop on the wagon. I believe in years past people tried to interact with hundreds of other writers. As that probably got real crazy, this year Rachael's separated everything out into manageable groups. I'm doing a little Contemporary/Mainstream Fiction and YA (All Genres). Since I'm a Google services pusher, here are easy links to subscribe to all these blogs in one easy step: Contemp Group 2 and YA Group 6.

The whole goal of the campaign is to meet other writers and people who are into what you're into. There will be challenges, contests, and hopefully competitions to the pain. I mean, now that my MTV Challenge fantasy league is over, what else do I have to live for? Signing up for this campaign is totally like summer camp. I want a team name and a mascot. And maybe a team cheer. "Bangarang!" is taken already right?

And since I'm late on this stuff, a few weeks ago I received the almighty Liebster Blog award from Ani of Anime's Musings. It goes without saying that she's a fine arbiter of taste, not least because she's a huge fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Or "JGL" for those in the know. Slate's Dana Stevens called JGL a "stone cold fox" and you gotta admit that's pretty accurate. You don't just go from 3rd Rock to Cobra Commander on talent alone, you gotta look good too. Thanks Ani! And if I ever meet JGL, I'll have him send you a voicemail.

So what was the Liebster award for? Great question. "This award is intended to connect bloggers, specifically those with less than 200 followers." As part of accepting the award, I'm dropping my top five picks so I can pay it forward.

Okay wait, I'm gonna cheat. Since I just created my YA Blog Roll the other day, I'll link to that instead. I will tell you to go read/follow Ten Cent Notes and Teen Writers Bloc though, because they are not only original flavors but also extra crispy.