24 January 2008

Monsters, Inc.

Is your computer screen looking pretty boring and staid? Sure it is. I like to switch my backgrounds almost daily, since variety is good for the eyes. Plus, there are just so many great images out there that just one isn't nearly enough is it? If you have two (or more) screens, there's this great piece of software out there, Ultramon, that lets you put different wallpapers on each screen -- or one giant wallpaper across. Look it up, it's sick.

The next step to decorating your computer is doing up the folder icons. During our Leopard Party (Mac owners will know), I spent nearly all my time making my icons look awesome. My entire iBook dock is now filled up with pixelated video game icons. Plus I've color coordinated my various programs and important folders with some other sets. I'm partial to these icons called Creatures -- there's three sets so far.

Here's two sites for quality, and free, icons for your computer: Pixel Girl Presents and Icon Factory. Check'em out.