07 January 2008

Single-Serving Friends: Apply Here

I'm 29, currently unemployed, living at my mom's house, and interested in nothing longer than one drink of your choice -- be it alchoholic, smoothie related, bubble tea, or coffee. Nothing's more exciting than ten minute friendships don't you think?

We won't be swapping last names, phone numbers, emails, AIMs, social networking profiles, or anything beyond general cordialities. We could swap mix CDs however, if you're so inclined.

Things we won't be talking about:

  • The future
  • How boring our jobs are (remember, I'm jobless)
  • How our weekends went
  • The truth about cats & dogs
  • The weather
Things we could talk about:
  • How you came to live in San Diego and what you think of it
  • Top five interesting tidbits about yourself or your personal history (please pre-rank)
  • Great movies/music/things you've recently seen
  • Amazing food places that nobody else knows about
  • "How weird this is..."; if we keep it brief
Pic for pic because otherwise we'll just be two strangers standing near each other, really confused about who we're meeting. "Age ain't nothing but a number" but in this case it would be nice if we were within shouting range of each other's ages -- for census purposes, of course.

PS - A cigarette meeting would be possible, but shouldn't we at least pretend to be trying to quit so soon after the New Year?