15 September 2009

Eye Opening

So for the past few months I've been helping out as a member of Kearny Street Workshop's general planning committee in preparation for APAture 2009.

"Kearny Street Workshop's APAture is an annual multidisciplinary arts festival showcasing the work of emerging Asian Pacific American artists. APAture's mission is to provide artists with an early experience presenting their work at a large event; to build audiences for emerging APA artists; to strengthen the sense of community among artists; and to raise awareness of the existence of and diversity within the APA arts community. APAture values community-building, ethnic and artistic diversity and collaboration across ethnic and disciplinary lines."

What's really cool about APAture is that it spotlights up and coming artists so the work is fresh and innovative. I had tried volunteering with KSW a few years ago but after the first meeting, I moved away from the Bay and couldn't continue participating. This time around, I've been able to attend most of the meetings and am super excited for the eleventh annual APAture to kick off this coming Thursday. The last few months have been a really great experience and I've met lots of wonderful and passionate people.

This year the show is spread over two weekends, with a visual arts show, a music night, a literary night, film night, performance night, and a handmade fair. So six shows in six nights. I was part of curating for the literary committee so please come check out our wonderful roster of writers and poets. Literary night is this Saturday at the Hotel Rex and our featured performer is Aimee Suzara. For more information and a detailed schedule of the whole show, click here.

So come out and support all the artists and keep up to date on the latest KSW happenings by following their blog, which I was lucky enough to do a short guest post for in July after our reading for "The Comedy of Life, Death & Art" class I was taking. See you guys soon!

Update: Literary night went off super well. All the artists were incredible. It's very strange to have only read someone's work and then to see them perform it is just a whole 'nother experience. For tonight, all the pieces were so much more powerful and stirring when read out loud. I was quite impressed with everyone. Amazing work all around. Pictures here.