01 September 2009

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

I really really really wanted to love this movie. I did. But even though it's Quentin and even though it was thoroughly entertaining throughout, I left feeling a bit let down. Having said that, anything Quentin does is still loads better than the norm, so I'm giving Inglourious Basterds an A. Plus, Quentin never fails to keep your attention and interest.

But overall it was missing a few things. The plot and characters just seemed to be lacking the usual Tarantino panache. And he has so much style in his other movies, so much personality, but this one didn't seem to have much of it. For the most part, it was just a straight forward story without lots of flourishes. Even the dialogue didn't crackle as it usually does with his movies. I wanted to love it but didn't.

The casting and acting was really great all around though, as usual. Quentin never fails to introduce us to, or reinvigorate, actors and actresses.

Update (12/23/09): I rewatched this on DVD and all the things that I felt were missing for me the first time around disappeared. I love the tension each scene creates, and without much action, just through words. It's incredible. I change my mind, I love this movie!