11 September 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

I've been waiting a long time to watch this. It's been out for awhile now but I thought I would round up some friends to watch it together. Turns out nobody wanted to watch it (for various reasons). Turns out that was a great idea as I was an emotional wreck afterwards. Well, an emotional wreck by my standards.

I'm not much of a movie crier, or a crier period, but Time Traveler's Wife vaults into the top three of movies that have made me sit there and fight back tears. Unsuccessfully. The last time this happened, I had to stare straight ahead and not look over at my movie companion because I knew we'd both totally lose it if I did. I could sense her struggling through the same fight. That movie? Finding Neverland. I couldn't tell you what exactly made me feel that way because I never dared to watch it again.

Time Traveler's Wife did the exact same thing to me. My heart hurt after watching it. Still super fresh in my mind, I know exactly which scenes my emotions crescendoed and when the metaphorical dam broke. Ugh. Painful. But great. The movie isn't amazing or anything but in combination with how much I loved the book, it did exactly what I wanted it to do. So thank goodness I wasn't with a whole group of friends. I mean, I have a reputation as an emotionless robot to maintain. There's no crying in baseball! I'm not so sure I could sit through another viewing, it might wipe me out for the weekend.

Rachel McAdams glows and is just amazingly beautiful. I had my doubts about Eric Bana as Henry but he pulled through. And he probably fits the role better than Brad Pitt. It would have been so interesting to see Jennifer Aniston and Pitt as the leads but thankfully that didn't happen (Thanks Angelina!) because Rachel McAdams is a much better actress and absolutely perfect as Clare.

And if you're confused by the timelines and how all the time travel works. Here's somebody who made up a chronological timeline for the events of the book, as well as individual ones for Clare and Henry. Bravo and thank you stranger!