04 November 2010

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (2009)

The strange thing about this trilogy is how the last movie contains little to no new information. Two and a half hours of a legal drama later and we get the ending we expect and the revelations we already know. Sure there's some talk about a rogue group within the police, one who has been pulling the strings all along, but this group's motivations and depiction are typical and a little boring. In fact, were I not so invested into this series already -- and needy after the second movie's abrupt ending -- I'd say that this last installment isn't really worth watching.

The most fun this movie provided was the talk afterward with my friend about the various legal systems in the world, and how unfamiliar non-American ones were to me. Actually there are a whole lot of "why are these lawyers so inept?" moments in this film. You'll see what I mean. There is something to be said for Mikael Blomkvist's dogged investigative journalism. The mere threat of being named in one of the Millenium's stories makes anyone spill the beans. I'd like this kind of power. "If you don't tell me the whole story, I'll blog about you!"

Overall, the whole Girl series was decent and worth watching from a "what is this phenomenon all about" standpoint, but the movies got progressively less interesting, and without the charisma of Lisbeth Salander, I'd have chceked out much sooner.