20 October 2009

Radio Raheem

I come to New York to recharge. Not like relax and clear my mind but the exact opposite. I need the weeks I spend here to fill me up with ideas, stimulation, and energy for the next eleven months -- or whenever I can visit again. I'd love to move here right now but last week's up and down weather reminded me why I instituted my "only live in warm places" policy.

I used to always wear sweatpants (usually an unsightly pair of forest green ones) under my jeans but now that skinnier jeans are in, wearing bulky sweats isn't exactly an option. What's a guy to do? I was checking out Uniqlo's Heat Tech line, which seems great in theory, but they didn't seem particularly warm. I almost bought some new age thermals though, because I hate the feeling of cold jeans on skin. But last time I tried some fancy spandexy thermals to combat the weather, I had to run into a public bathroom and peel them off because they were interfering with my circulation. So yeah, no "Project: Move to Gotham" for me until it warms up. Or until I get less wimpy. Either or.

Gotham (goth'um), name for New York City first used by Washington Irving and others in the Salmagundi Papers, with satirical reference to Gotham, England, where the wise men acted as fools in order to avoid paying for the king's upkeep.
I've only been here for about a week, with another week to go, but I've already covered most of my food must-eats; run around crashing on my friends' couches, keeping them up, and shattering their sleeping schedules; and walked the city at least twice. Oh and today I got taken by a scalper while trying to get into Madison Square Garden to see my beloved Celtics. Who knew that even a pre-season game would bring out all the shady ticket people? I've never had a problem buying tickets off the street and was so excited to get near Kevin Garnett's (hopefully healthy for this season) knee. Instead I was a cautionary tale for other fans as I had to stand next to the ticket guy as he kept pointing out other people's tickets, "See, those are real. Those are real too. See how shiny they are? Yours aren't shiny." Yeah man, I got it. My tickets aren't real. Enough already.

But whatever, being in New York just makes me happy. Nothing can bring me down. It's all just a learning experience anyways right? Especially when late night mac and cheese is around every corner. Few things heal like a good plate of mac and cheese. Unless it's Cafe Habana corn, which are always handy in an emergency.