02 October 2009

Miss Info

"Growing up, I always assumed that people who wrote books couldn’t possibly behave like most people I knew. Actually, I applied this assumption to anyone in the public eye: actors, politicians, musicians, even some of my own teachers. They were all doing Important Things, and I couldn’t imagine that they would ever get raspberry seeds stuck between their teeth or lose their keys or fart. They were above such things, and they probably had servants who were paid to fart for them.

During the course of writing TMI, I slowly began to realize that I becoming an author. An author who took out the trash and cracked her knuckles while driving (it’s a nervous tic) and ate too many cookies. A regular person. And suddenly, all of those people I’d lumped in the category of Doers of Important Things were far less intimidating.

So I emailed Catherine Gilbert Murdock to tell her how much I loved her first novel, Dairy Queen. I let John Green know that I thought An Abundance of Katherines was hilarious. And you know what? They both wrote me back! Like regular people. It was so refreshing."
-Fellow Deb, Sarah Quigley-