28 October 2009

Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

Hey, this movie doesn't suck! I'd been reading mixed reviews online, and all of my friends who've seen it gave it a hearty thumbs down so I went in with the lowest of expectations. However, the movie was neither dull nor boring. It wasn't bad at all actually. And the little boy who plays Max? He was wonderful. I can see him doing the US version of "Let the Right One In." I don't have a lot more to say here except that I enjoyed this. I thought Jonze and Eggers did a good job with a very difficult task and when you consider how much it could have really sucked, they did great. Maybe more could have happened but really, what for?

Let's talk about $600 wolf suits inspired by the movie. I was at Opening Ceremony in New York last week and was able to inspect this one of a kind item on the rack. I don't know what it was made of but it was super soft and if it was one zero less I would have bought it. I mean, this thing was pretty damn comfortable. The top with the ears was separately available for only $400. That's kind of a steal right?