12 October 2009

Whip It (2009)

Listening to: The Chordettes, "Lollipop (Squeak E. Clean & Desert Eagles Remix)." On the soundtrack and incredibly catchy after five seconds. It's a must listen, and for Amit and I, a must own right after walking out of the movie. Just obsess over it already.

Who doesn't love themselves some Ellen Page? While it may be time for her to tackle some other types of roles, I guess there's nothing wrong with Ms. Ellen playing the snarky little girl yet again. It's a shame that Whip It, while entertaining, didn't quite live up to my high expectations. The script seemed underwritten, with characters that were half-formed and often forgotten. Luckily, the interactions between Ellen and her best friend (played by an adorably freckled Alia Shawkat) carried the movie. I want to say Drew Barrymore's direction was wishy washy but I don't want to blame her because it's her first try and she's fun in the movie. Then again, she was in charge so I guess there's nobody else to blame for my mild disappointment.

The good news is that the cast is fantastic (save the boyfriend character who I didn't find believable or charming at all) and there's enough good lines -- a few hilarious ones -- to make the whole thing worthwhile. What was unacceptable was how limp the action scenes were. I couldn't figure out what was so exciting about the sport of roller derby and the way it was portrayed didn't exactly help. I'm sure it's exciting in real life but the movie version seemed pretty ridiculous. Having said all that, watch this movie because I'd like to reference it often.

"That's why I like a quick fondling, it's so much less complicated."