30 September 2010

Flavor In Your Ear

It's been too long since I've shared with you some of the sites that I've been obsessing over. Now that my RSS reader is well organized, I can blow through my feeds super fast but these gems below I always take the time to really appreciate and go over. Hope you like'em.

[Caits Meissner]
A poet, a writer, an artist, a teacher, a designer, a musician, a performer, an inspiration, and sort of just, everything. I could try to explain to you who Caitlin Meissner is but I don't have the words. So here's her Tumblr about page with links to her various projects and archives of past blogs. I've spent a good amount of time this summer digging through those links and it's all great stuff. Her main site is here and there's links to all her creations, events, and a video of her talking about her newly released EP, the wolf & me.
"Multi-disciplinary storyteller Caits Meissner uses an exciting blend of poetry, music, performance and visual art to deliver poignant testaments to the complexities of the human spirit. Caits has moved audiences from street corners to Columbia University, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe to Rikers Island. Winner of the OneWorld Poetry Contest, Caits attended the 2008 inaugural Pan-African Literary Forum in Accra, Ghana where she studied under Pulitzer Prize winner Yusef Komunyakaa and other luminaries from the literary African diaspora. In addition to her own self-released work, she has been published in various literary journals and has shared sets with musicians such as Immortal Technique, Grandmaster Caz, Boot Camp Clik and many others."

[Project Rungay]
Project Rungay was introduced to me by a valued taste maker friend, and after a quick skim, she proved right once again as I immediately elevated this blog to my Reader's A-List. One of the first posts I saw was an in-depth look at Joan Holloway's style. And then one for Peggy. And then they revisit Joan. And then Peggy again. Their love for Mad Men alone was enough to make me love Tom and Lorenzo but their fashion and pop culture commentary is always hilarious. Plus they did an In or Out: Dianna Argon. Seriously, just put their feed on your A-List now, you won't regret it.
"Married for 12 years and foolish enough to leave our jobs to start our own home-based business, we found ourselves sitting at our desks for 15 hours a day, communicating with the outside world only through fax or email. Because our only co-workers were each other, we missed being the bitchy, funny gay guy in the next cubicle and looked for an outlet in order to prevent a double homo-cide. Because this is America, we turned to television to solve all our problems."
-Tom and Lorenzo's About Us-

[This Moi]
I already talked about Kartina Richardson's Mirror: Motion Picture Commentary blog over at Lonely Comma, but I wanted to shine some light on it again. Mirror is a site about film criticism and the posts feature video essays that are lovingly constructed and produced. I actually don't get many of the movie references and haven't seen a lot of the stuff Richardson analyzes, but the point is that she makes me want to -- and she'll make you want to too. I think I found out about Kartina via a Salon piece she wrote but I can't be sure because she contributes to quite a few of my other frequent reads like Bust, Jezebel, and is now one of Roger Ebert's Far Flung Correspondents.

"Kartina Richardson is a writer, filmmaker, and playwright documenting the beverages, movies, grumps, and (few) adventures that shape her life. She is of Asian and African American descent with other bits thrown in. (She mentions this because everyone asks and now you know)."
-Bout Beverages And Blog-

[Pitchfork Reviews Reviews]
A new favorite blog and it looks like that could be said for a lot of people -- although not this guy. PRR has kind of been everywhere recently. The blog is ostensibly about music but I like it because of the stream of consciousness style and the adventures that David gets into. Plus the site is updated quite frequently and apparently he types it all out on his phone and then his friend throws it up the next day. Something like that. If you have no idea what Pitchfork is, read this NY Times article. Then start your Pitchfork Reviews Reviews journey with the nice primer David's provided.
"because i suspect that what seinfeld is about is highlighting George and Jerry and Elaine’s mental lifestyle: curiosity and endless questioning and the idea that there’s something worth evaluating and discussing going on under EVERYTHING, from relationships to sports and every other aspect of existence. and part of the comedy comes from when the characters’ curiosity makes their discussions seem absurd like when jerry tries to set george up on a blind date and then george asks jerry to describe the woman and jerry describes her, and then george asks him to describe the hue of her cheeks and tell him whether, if you ran your hand through her hair, it would get tangled in the hair or you could move your hand straight through it. in its weird way, with jokes orbiting around this point, Seinfeld is trying to tell us that nothing should be left unexamined and i guess living the way Seinfeld is suggesting includes asking questions about everything, not just dismissing some things as base and holding other things up as inherently meaningful, which is something i shouldn’t have needed to be explained to me i think."
-indie music and sports and seinfeld-