17 September 2010

Hey, That's My Bike

Listening to: Vampire Weekend, "Oxford Comma."

I've decided to start a band. Everyone is in a band at some point in their lives and it always sounds so cool to have friends say: "He's like a really great musician and he was in this band before..." I think even nominally being in a band will really upgrade my social life. Recently I sat down with myself to do an interview. Also participating in the interview is my bandmate, Ameer.

So what're you guys called this week?
Jon & Ameer: We are Apex Predator!

Is that exclamation mark part of the name?
Jon: No, we're just enthusiastic about everything we do.
Ameer: YES!

Doing some research on your band, there seems to already be an Apex Predator out there. They're on MySpace and everything. Very legitimate.
Ameer: Yeah we know, but that won't dissuade us from using the name. The other Apex Predator only started a year ago and they play thrash metal so we doubt our fan bases will cross over that much.
Jon: We feel like there's enough room in the music industry for both of us to survive.

That goes against the idea of an apex predator doesn't it?
Jon: Well right. I guess it could be ironic.
Ameer: We're hipster.
Jon: Sure, whatever.

Since you don't play thrash metal, what is your sound like?
Jon: It's like Yanni. But with an edge.
Ameer: There'll be some Daft Punk-ian elements.

And what instruments do you guys play?
Jon: Ameer's the composer.
Ameer: And Jon does the humming.

Who stands in front during the shows?
Jon: Usually nobody, but sometimes family and a friend.

No, which of you guys stand in front during the show?
Jon: Oh. Ameer, he's handsomer.

Great, well that's all the time we have then. Where can we download your stuff or maybe tell our readers when your next gig is?
Ameer: We'll let you know.