11 June 2009

Food, Inc (2009)

As I munched on super buttered popcorn and fought the urge to fall asleep, I wondered if corn was my top one food item because I like it or if, as the movie informed me, everything is made out of corn so I'm forced to love it.

Actually, the movie didn't inform me as much as it did re-tell me. I mean, if you've read Fast Food Nation, or Omnivore's Dilemma, you know everything Food, Inc. has to tell you. In fact, the movie feels like it should have come out years ago. I mean, most of these facts and ideas have already been circulating in our collective consciousness for awhile now so I'm not sure who this movie is aimed toward. The people who don't read?

On another note, I really dislike the Michael Moore-ing of documentaries. I don't need tear jerker stories, just gimme the facts!