05 June 2009

Wonder Emporium

Here's an interview with Susie (boygirlparty) over at Pikaland. Susie's already like famous and everywhere but this interview has so many great pictures of her stuff I had to link to it. Plus there's a prominent photo of one of my favorite pieces of hers: the hedgehog playing the piano. I like walking into stores, finding her stuff, and saying (loudly), "Oh I know her! Isn't she great!" Then I kind of strut away.

I've seen Susie paint on her tiny little canvases with the itty-bittiest brushes and strokes. It's kind of amazing, just like all of her stuff. And Susie just had a birthday so go say happy (belated) birthday!

What or who inspires you?
Nature is always inspiring to me: whether it’s a walk in the woods, or watching close-up as a ladybug purposefully climbs around a leaf. i always feel a surge of inspiration after spending time outdoors, especially if it’s a place i’ve never been before where i can tune in surprised at everything i see. i recommend going out on a rowboat on a quiet lake for a few hours and see if you don’t agree!

also: polaroids and analog photography! the colors are always so unexpected. i could look at & enjoy photography (like lomography & cross-processed photos) for hours, days, years. also: vintage children’s books, letters from penpals, old timey cartoons (like ‘flip the frog’),...
-via Pikaland-