25 June 2009

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Where were you when Michael Jackson passed away?
A McDonald's six minutes away from Detroit airport. We were fueling up while waiting for Hong's flight to arrive. Eric got a call from Anna telling him that MJ was headed to the hospital. A few minutes later, we saw on the CNN ticker that he passed while in transit. Mega mix of his hits ensues. Michael Jackson song titles play a prominent role in the best man's speech at the wedding I was at over the weekend. It feels like Christopher Walken screaming "More Michael!" all weekend.

I'm glad I was nowhere near the Internet when everything started happening because I would have been clicking furiously on every rumor, false hypothetical, and promising link. When you're not near Internet or television, news is just information, instead of this all consuming experience. I can't decide if that's for better or worse.

  • MJ song I have to dance to: P.Y.T.
  • MJ song I have to sing to: Will You Be There
  • MJ song I like better remixed: Rock with You (Brandy and Heavy D)
  • MJ song we have on Laser Disc karaoke: Heal the World
  • MJ song that's impossible to dance to like a normal person: Billie Jean
What I really don't understand is why people felt the urge to buy Michael's music now. I mean, maybe if people had bought some of his stuff while he was still alive (and in deep financial trouble), that would have helped him out. Now people are like, "Dang, I have to get Thriller, I have to buy it. R.I.P.!" It's not like his music is going anywhere. And didn't you have it before anyway? I feel bad about the Michael-ploitation already and it's barely started.
"The renewed appetite for his music will be exploited by the release of 'new' Jackson material, ensuring the sales boost is drawn out over weeks and months."
-UK Telegraph-