14 June 2009


I've been kind of failing at blogging. My goal was to blog every other day starting in June -- and there's been so much happening -- but I've pretty much failed in keeping to my schedule. I have, however, been Tumblr-ing a lot. I noticed awhile back that everyone seemed to have a side Tumblr and I couldn't figure out why they'd choose to do over just posting on their Blogger or Word Press. Now I (kind of) get it. Even though the basic idea of Tumblr-ing and blogging is the same, it's actually so much easier to just throw up little quotes, images, or videos to a Tumblr.

Since I tend to get all anal about what gets on my blog versus what doesn't, my recent Tumblr-ing experience has allowed me to just link to interesting things and not feel bad that it's cluttering up my real blog. The downside of this, of course, is that I spend more time Tumblr-ing than blogging. No more I say! Back to blogging, back to real posts, back to getting rid of that itchy feeling when I have something I need to blog but don't because I've just spent three hours reading articles and re-posting them.

Basically what I'm saying is: visit my Tumblr for random articles/videos/images I'm enjoying. Stay here for blog posts. Starting, well, tomorrow.