19 June 2009


Listening to: Mika, "Billy Brown." They're importing all these British singers and this guy never got over here? I can't stop listening to his (eclecticly) catchy album. When I heard this track I instantly loved it, and I couldn't figure out why. Then it hit me that it reminded me of Cats. I know, too much information.

To be honest, the real reason I got hooked on Mika was because of this amazing wedding video my friend showed me. Now, I'm nowhere near marriage, I'm actually sort of anti-marriage, but watching these videos made my inner groom shed a little tear and get down on one knee. Someone find me a bride; even a plastic one, as long as she can accompany me on the cake! I can't even show these heart soaring videos to anyone because I've been sworn to secrecy. That's how good they are. My friend doesn't want anybody else in our social group to hire them. So my lips remain zipped and my hyperlinks unlinked. You're totally missing out. [Update: here's the video]

This makes two Mika's I've been obsessed with so far this year. Is there another one out there lurking? If you know any, please share.

While I'm on the subject, I might as well keep it music themed. Last night, Victor was fiddling around on a guitar and started playing the Top Gun song. No, not the Top Gun anthem, but the song where Goose dies. Otherwise known as "the saddest song in the world." Seriously, if you're a child of the Eighties and don't hear that and weep inside, I don't think we should be friends.

So after hearing Victor play that track, I started thinking about what my top five instrumental movie soundtrack songs would be. The criteria is basically songs that I always have at the ready on my iPod, just in case I need to cue something up. It goes without saying that the movie has to be pretty good too, so that the song and the movie become iconic together. After a quick run down, I've decided this is my preliminary list (in no particular order):

Top Gun - "Memories"
Guitar licks, lots of guitar is always good. Top Gun actually has two hugely memorable guitar solos. The first one, the aforementioned anthem is perfect for walking around and feeling powerful. If I could have the Top Gun anthem blasting out of speakers preceding my every entrance, the world would be mine. Alas, I have to settle for humming it to myself on occasion. The Goose dying song though, is perfect because nobody can really place it immediately, but give them a few seconds and they can always dig it out of their memory. Super classic.

La Bamba - "Sleepwalk"
I DVRed La Bamba two weeks ago and have been minorly obsessed with it since. I saw it when I was little but that was so long ago. The movie is one of those terrible but great ones and a new instant time sucker for me. It's got so much unintentional humor and has even contributed a new generic name to our friendship lexicon. Now anyone who is a huge downer and continually messing things up is dubbed "Bob." Please don't take offense if we start referring to you as such. It's not personal. Okay, maybe it is. Sorry.

At first, when I heard "Sleepwalk," I was convinced it was from 12 Monkeys. My friends said I was wrong. So I checked and as it turns out, they were wrong -- as friends often are. But while "Sleepwalk" was on the 12 Monkeys soundtrack, the song is definitely more closely associated with La Bamba. Actually, Johnny and Santo's gem is all over the place in movies but you hear the guitar and the whatever else it is instrument and you just think "R.I.P. Ritchie Valens."

Boondock Saints - "The Blood of Cuchulainn"
If you need a pick me up in the morning, if you're getting ready to go for an intense run, if you need an epic sound for your epic day, look no further. Bagpipes are the way to go. Bagpipes mean serious business and nothing is more serious than the McManus brothers getting ready to take retribution on the world. This fires me up more than any Rocky theme ever could.

Last of the Mohicans - "The Gael"
There is, of course, a gentle side to bagpipes. Chasing after the love of your life and efficiently wiping out Huron warriors along the way is classified as gentle right? The last fifteen minutes of Last of the Mohicans has a special place in everyone's heart (especially mine) and it's just so intensely memorable and powerful. This is like the sunset version of the Boondock bagpipes. Play each one at the appropriate time and life will surely turn out to be good.

Brokeback Mountain - "The Wings"
I actually can't picture any particular scene when hearing this song, but the entire thing is just so haunting and evocative it brings tears to the eyes. Especially when paired with a Heath Ledger tribute. Geezes. Pass the freakin' Kleenex. Not that I cry or anything. Allergies.

I wish I could find a version online without the terrible singing, since the one in my head and in the movie is just the instrumental without the lyrics.
I guess basically what it comes down to is sad guitar riffs and fierce bagpipes to make my top five. It's a pretty simple formula really. If only some movie would combine both of them into one fabulous song. Then I could fight till I cry, or maybe cry till I fight. Whichever.